Born on 3rd Jan

Following a year’s reprieve, has the industry spent its time wisely or are we about to see an early Groundhog Day? 

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Regulatory investment for competitive advantage

Now is a good time to invest for competitive advantage under regulatory initiatives, or is it?

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The must have 2015 CFI Code for MiFID II

Not just here and now, but now and then....Reg data transformation and history

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Aiis to the Right

Despite the majority of the industry’s practitioners’ opinion that the proven Aii is being replaced with the somewhat inferior ISIN symbology..

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“Wishing a Merry MiFID II you ...

This feels nothing like the time before MiFID I go live but in essence, it is a similar upgrade to instrument reference data as it was then.  

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SymbaaS - Symbology as a Service

For small to medium investment firms, cost-effective access to market data sources enjoyed by major international banks, prior to on-demand innovation, was usually a one size fits all choice

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The Regulation Data Challenge

The wave of regulatory reform across Europe and USA with punitive fines for non-compliant transaction reporting is challenging the supply of fit for purpose compliance data.  

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No Lingua Franca for Instrument Data

The absence of a common language to unify the identification of financial instruments between trading participants across a trade lifecycle, necessitates good symbol management.  

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8 out of 10 data users can't be wrong?

The force of the community data model applied to reference data is consistent and progressive but at times supercharged in its reaction to fundamental market change.

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